About PD

About Pacific Dissent Magazine. 


We’re a trendy hipster coffee-table book released every now and then that publishes the work of our friends and of people we think are making tight shit.

We pay for this out of pocket with some help from the community because we believe the best art comes from a place of self-expression and catharsis, not commerce. In the sort of post-capitalist anarchist utopia we wish we lived in, art would have no commercial value and would be celebrated for it’s own sake. You can think of this book as an extension of that world. If you like what we’re doing please consider donating or sponsoring Pacific Dissent by e-mailing us. Donations and sponsorships help us print more books!

Pacific Dissent was born out of the need for an outlet where all of our friends could consolidate the photos, paintings, and writing our friends were making. It’s become an extension of this, a place where like-minded artists can communicate the philosophy behind their work. We veer away from the traditional role an art magazine plays and publish alongside reading material and videos we think will inspire you, make you laugh, and make you a deeper thinker. We’re inspired by philosophy, science, futurology, and people doing dumb shit, and hope you are or will be too.


What is new and hot one day can be rendered valueless overnight because it’s not profitable. The artist is left out to try as the micro-economy of the art world decides who’s next. But art and ideas are important to share regardless of monetary gain. So, we started this magazine.

Pacific Dissent is: to stop reaching for shiny trash when you’ve got gold in your lap. It doesn’t mean you can’t accrue cold, hard, cash, just don’t let tumbleweeds of garbage hustle you through the narrow streets of life because they’re big and have a lot of hot air behind them. With your eye on the carrot they’ll pull the chocolate of of your back pocket. If you’re one of the many lead into it, now is the time to stop and refuel.

But don’t do it because we’re telling you to. Do it because it hurts not to. Do it because it’s better than sex on heroin to do it. Do it because it starts and ends with you.

If you want to spend the efforts of yourself with us for a time we invite you to. But in the end this is an independent activity and we have nothing to do with it. Nobody has anything to do with it. Just do your dance in the moonlight. Start a fire and get cozy. Read an old book written by a dead person who wouldn’t mind you stealing a copy. Find what you didn’t know you had and own it. Start something new. Create. Explore uncharted territories, enjoy the ride and remember…

What you need grows on trees.

We love you,

Pacific Dissent
Juneau Dahl & Charlie White