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Pacific Dissent Interviews Kristen Liu-Wong

The Bather, 5x7"

Leisure Time, 20x16"

I'm Hanging Up Right Now, 6x6"

Mz. Frost, 11x14"

Bisected Still Life, 11x14"

Garbage Day, 8x8"

I Can't Dive, 11x14"

How do you know when a piece is finished?

Before I start any piece I have a pretty clear idea of what I want it to look like-  I decide things like color and pattern as I go along but I always do a final drawing on tracing paper which I then transfer onto the panel so I know what the overall composition, etc. will be. I’m kind of a control freak so I have to plan everything out. Also since I resin pieces I have to be really certain that any changes I want to make I do before I seal it in. So I guess I know a piece is done when it looks right to me.

When did you begin painting/drawing? What inspired you to start?

I remember the first drawing I ever made on my own. It was of a bunch of fish having a fish food barbecue and my mom had it hanging in the hallway for ages. So maybe I was 3 or 4? My mom is an elementary school art teacher who was also a textiles major so she encouraged us to appreciate art throughout our childhoods and I’ve just always really enjoyed drawing. Especially because when I was little I thought I was really good at it and I like doing things I’m good at haha.

What artistic style influences you?

Currently? Right now it’s a mix between American folk art and all the awesome “lowbrow” artists from the 90s (when I saw Clare Rojas’ paintings for the first time I flipped out). But the elegance of design in traditional Japanese paintings is always something I try to keep in mind when I’m doing my own work.

What is it about your chosen medium that draws you to it?

There are a couple of reasons why I use acrylic (and acrylic gouache). I flat paint (with a few exceptions for certain areas) so it’s just much more practical to use acrylic instead of oil since I’m not especially “painterly” in my methods.  Acrylics also come in all the bright colors that I really like using and the fact that it has a fast drying time is great since I tend to steady my hand on my painting for all the line work. 

Are you motivated more by the creation of a piece or the final product?

I've never really considered this question because I see the entire process and product as one. I've got to say though, it is more fun for me to paint my pieces than it is for me to stare at them once they're done, so I guess the creation? Though for certain paintings I like the outcome more than the actual act of making it because some pieces are more frustrating to work through.

Do you feel as though your art is a representation of you, or the world around you?

I think it’s a representation of how I perceive the world around me and occasionally how I wish the world would actually be. 

You can view more of Kristen's work here or follow her Instagram @kliuwong