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Pacific Dissent Interviews Kyle Martin

1. Camera most often used?

Nikon d800 and Canon A-1.

2. Favorite photographers?

Frank Ockenfels, Ed Templeton, and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

3. Favorite Subjects to shoot?

I'd say lifestyle or street photography are a couple subjects I keep coming back to but I'm all over the place. 

4. sources of creative inspiration?

Michelangelo's artwork from the renaissance and movies like Stanley Kubrick films are the things I have been looking at the most in the past few weeks

5. intention behind your photographs?

My intention behind my photos are always different. It really depends on my mindset at the time - it's always changing. 

6. how did you start taking pictures?

My photos usually start with a vague idea, then as I'm shooting I try and take myself out and think what others would feel looking at the images so I can really refine everything about the photo or series. 

7. future projects in the works?

I have a couple portrait series' I am working on including one where I am doing diptychs with solarized film. I'm also working on a horror style series that I'm using a lot of compositing in Photoshop for. 

8. What was the folsom street fair like?

The Folsom Street Fair consisted of tons of people on the street expressing themselves in public in ways they would not be able to on a daily basis; everyone seemed almost liberated to do that, it was a really cool experience.