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Pacific Dissent Interviews Photographer Alana Paterson

1. Camera most often used?

Nikon f100.

2. Who are your favorite photographers? 

Really feeling Thomas Prior, Mark Peckmezian, Cory Arnold and Winnie Au. Samuel James shot an article on a wolf sanctuary raised by ex cons that absolutely knocked my socks off. Really feeling the assignment/ essay/ editorial guys lately. Mad respect. 

3. Favorite subjects to shoot?

The strong.

4. Sources of creative inspiration?

I source from architecture, design, history, organics, athetics, all sorts of things. I only do it consciously when I'm prepping for a shoot though. Other wise I'm just gathering into my collective subconscious. 

5. Intention behind your photographs?

It depends on the body of work but usually I just want someone to catch a feel. Ultimately I'm just trying to produce images that people relate to and can bring their own meaning toward. 

6. How did you start taking pictures?

My friends skateboarding : )

Future projects in the works?

I'm very excited about a photo projecting im shooting over the summer on Rodeo Youth. Kids who grew up or are growing up in the rodeo circuit. How its bettered their life, made them focused hard working people. How they exist in a world outside of normal teenage hood and instead spend time outdoors working with animals and developing skill sets. 

You can view more of Alana's work on her website here

Instagram: @alanapaterson