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Pacific Dissent Interviews Marie Tomanova

Lipstick, 2014

Red Madonna, 2014

Jeans Jacket, 2014

Shower Curtain, 2014

Rainbow, 2013

1. Camera most often used?

I shoot with Canon 5D Mark2. And I also shoot polaroids, my favorites are Polaroid 101 Land Camera, Instax Mini and Spectra Polaroid.

2. Who’s your favorite photographer(s)? 

I have so many photographers who I adore! My very favorites are Ryan McGinley, Araki and Ren Hang. Francesca Woodman’s work is big inspiration for me. And I also have to mention Nan Goldin, Juergen Teller, Lina Scheynius and Leigh Ledare. 

3. Favorite subjects to shoot?

Women. And my gay friends.

4. Sources of creative inspiration?

I get inspired by the people I photograph. And by places that I encounter. It is very often the combination of person in a certain place, or in my self portraiture series - me in certain surroundings, that play the most important base for my creating process. Everything else just adds in - my mood, subject’s mood, the connection that we can create through camera, light, outfits, atmosphere..

5. Intention behind your photographs?

To capture feelings, moments and glimpses of life that can communicate with the viewer. I want to make you feel. And question issues of identity and sexuality. I want to communicate with you through pictures.

6. How did you start taking pictures?

I studied painting at University in Czech Republic, but never felt fully satisfied with the medium. After graduation I left to US and saw Francesca Woodman’s show in Guggenheim. I was totally mesmerized and felt that it is the way I want to go. Photography and self portraiture - it felt instantly right.

6. Future projects in the works?

I just wrapped up three shows - in LA, Portland and Czech Republic - with self-portraiture series "Positive Biology." And I am working on a book which will be my first book and I am really excited! I have two new projects in progress that are portrait based and shot in NY. And some road trips coming up in the summer! 


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