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Pacific Dissent Interviews Photographer Evan Tetreault

1. Camera most often used?

iPhone 6 & Mamiya 7II.

2. Who's your favorite photographer(s)? 

That's too hard to say, but lately I've been loving pretty much everyone represented by Webber Represents.

3. Favorite subjects to shoot?


4. Sources of creative inspiration?

The feeling of discovering a beautiful new person or place, longing, and nostalgia.

5. Intention behind your photographs?

My intention is to try and hold onto memories I know I'll miss.

6. How did you start taking pictures?

I started around the age or 12 or 13 while taking a darkroom class in middle school.

7. Future projects in the works?

You'll have to wait and see. 

Evan Tetreault is a Los Angeles based photographer.

You can view more of Evan's Tetreault's photos here. 

Instagram: @evantetreault