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All questions and submissions:

Guidelines For Art & Photography Submissions

  1. Send submissions to via Google Drive (preferred), DropBoxMegaWeTransfer (if you absolutely have to... sometimes we don’t get to these submissions in time and they expire). Submissions not sent via a file-hosting service will NOT get to us!
  2. We accept submissions for both print and web/social media. All print/web submissions chosen for a feature will do an interview or short write-up (your choice). 
  3. If you’re submitting solely for social media feel free to directly DM your submissions to @pacificdissent (IG, Twitter, Facebook).
  4. If you’re submitting to be featured in print include both a print and web folder.
    • Title the submission folder with your FIRST and LAST name (or the name you want to be credited as). Images should be CMYK .TIFF files or maximum quality .JPEGs and at least 300 DPI. Send 10-20 images.
    • For the web/social media folder send the same images as RGB .JPEGs (image files should ideally be below 3MB).
    • Also include an artist statement/bio, titles (if applicable) and a short description of your work (medium/materials, size, intention, or anything else you think might help us understand your work).
    • Please do not watermark your images – your work will be properly credited.


Note: Submissions will either be posted on our website/Instagram and/or be printed in the magazine. All submissions are filed for later use, i.e. your work may appear in more than one issue or in future issues. Photographs may be slightly cropped for formatting reasons — if you’re not comfortable with this please make it clear in your submission. If you don’t hear back from us don’t get discouraged! It usually takes us a few weeks to reach out. If you don’t hear from us feel free to re-submit new work as often as you’d like.

Guidelines For Written and Video Submissions

  1. Video: short films/documentaries/pranks/general fuckery.
  2. Writing: easily digestible philosophical and scientific essays. Also, short stories, poems, creative writing, etc.
  3. Heavily proofread your submissions or have someone else do it!
  4. Send submissions to



We are very interested in hearing your advertisement ideas. We take pitches from from everyone, independent artists seeking exposure, institutions, and business alike, with the proceeds going 100% to the production of Pacific Dissent Magazine. Let us know what you have in mind.